About us

Janvieve, Alexandra, Maricruz, founders and mother owners of Ginger Moon

Janvieve, Alexandra, Maricruz, founders and mother owners of Ginger Moon

We believe that a mother who is eating balanced and nutritious foods, AND experiences herself supported by others, will thrive at caring for her growing family. We create delicious meals using traditional fertility foods: ingredients that meet the specific nutritional needs of new and expecting moms. Through in-home cooking and personalized support sessions, we provide a unique service that helps our clients attain and reclaim their wellness and vitality.

Why Ginger Moon

Ginger Moon was born in the Summer of 2011. After many discussions about how we could create a resource for women like us, we realized – as we were cooking together  – that it begins with knowing what to eat and knowing the kinds of support we need, particularly during pregnancy, after giving birth and while nursing. We believe that what we eat determines our physical and emotional wellbeing. We envision a world where every new mom will have the knowledge and support to nourish herself and her  family, and we are committed to bringing this experience to every woman we serve. And because we believe that healthy and supported mothers create healthy and supported children, families and communities, we see our work as strengthening our communities one mother at a time.

We take care of all mothers including Mother Earth. 

Our commitment to mothers extends to Mother Earth, from how we source our ingredients and packaging, to our green cleaning products, to how we dispose of our food waste. We honor the women and families that harvest the foods we cook by sourcing produce and ingredients from local farmers who adhere to organic agricultural practices, and uphold fair labor and trade standards. We bring our own baby-safe, biodegradable cleaning products to our clients’ homes. We are committed to composting %100 of our food waste and use only reusable and recyclable glass and paper containers, to reduce our carbon footprint and, eventually, to reach our goal of producing zero garbage.

Who is Ginger Moon 
We are mothers, postpartum doulas, chefs, herbalists, and life coaches committed to a world where new mothers are well nourished and experience the specific support they need to feel healthy and cared for during their childbearing year.


Maricruz Badia

Maricruz is mother and a life coach committed to supporting women to uncover their power and true potential. She leads personal transformation workshops for the Woman to Woman Program of New York Youth at Risk. Through this program Maricruz coaches teen mothers, young women and their adult mentors to remove the obstacles that stifle their growth, so that they create lives they love. She used to be the c Director of Community Relations of the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, a Latino public media organization committed to advancing the aspirations of Latinos in the US through telecommunications. Maricruz lives in the Bronx with her 9 old son and 4 month old daughter.

“Prior to recent birth of my daughter, the pregnancy, birth and nursing of my son, were some of the most transcendent, empowering and spiritual experiences of my life.  They transformed how I viewed myself as a woman and as a human being. I did not only have the blessing of bringing life forth but I also birthed myself into a new level of womanhood in the process.  The support and assistance I received from my mother, sisters, other women and from my son’s father was essential to this process. Whether they encouraged me during the pregnancy, prepared delicious smoothies, planed my baby shower, cooked meals or kept me company after I gave birth; their contributions made it possible fo r me to thrive and enjoy being pregnant and caring for my newborn.

“Ever since then, I have been committed to creating a world where more women are empowered and fully supported during their pregnancies, births and post-natal experiences.  Ginger-Moon is the embodiment of my, and my fellow worker-owners’, commitment that all women have access to that!  We take care and nurture new moms with our delicious wholesome foods and services so that they can focus on what is most important to them during their childbearing year.”  -Maricruz


Janvieve, Gibran and Anayansi

Janvieve, Gibran and Anayansi

Janvieve Williams Comrie

“After being a  human rights organizer most of my life, I became a mother.  My pregnancy was everything that I imagined, I ate healthy and was active, yet finding a community while pregnant that supported my holistic and natural approach was difficult.  When my son was born we experienced postpartum depression in a severe way and I was not able to breastfeed for 7 weeks.  It was a really intense and humbling experience.  When my daughter Anayansi was born in April of 2013, I knew more about motherhood and what I needed as a woman.  I was also fully engaged in Ginger Moon, so I knew way more about traditional and cultural whole foods for pregnancy and I was an active participant in a network of mothers in New York City.  This is important to mention because pregnancy, birthing and the months following birth are unique for each and every woman.

My goals for Ginger Moon is to provide exactly that, a service tailored that fits the unique needs, desires and experience of each and every one of our clients.”  – Janvieve

A graduate from York University and Georgia State University, Janvieve is one of the founders of Ginger Moon Mother Owned Worker Cooperative.  She is the mother of toddler Gibran Enrique and infant Anayansi Ife.  She lives in the Bronx with her partner Omar Freilla. Janvieve comes with over 20 years experience as a human rights organizer, she has focused her academic and professional life on working on issues pertaining to women, youth and children, such as access to health, and food justice.  She is also a media and communications specialist that works with clients throughout the world.  She enjoys travelling, yoga, art and of course cooking for her family and her loved ones.



Alexandra Lopez Reitzes

“Alexandra was born and raised on New York City’s Upper West Side. She grew up surrounded by community gardens, activism, great books, and a family that showed her the joy of making and eating delicious food. Since 2001, she has lived in Washington Heights with her Partner, Luis, and, since 2005 and 2011 respectively, with their two children, Nico Joaquin and Haydee. When she’s not serving new mothers as a food doula, Alexandra can be found working in her fire escape garden, climbing rocks in the park with her kids, or reading really good speculative and historical fiction.

Alexandra’s journey to becoming a food doula has included co-founding the Kitchen Table CSA (the least expensive in NYC, now in it’s 6th year), hosting the Community Kitchen, a monthly cooking class/party, from 2008 – 2010; starting her own home-based baking and catering business, Rise Up Baking; teaching community organizing, life coaching and gardening to women at La Casita, an alternative to incarceration for mothers, through Critical Resistance; and studying the creation and use of herbal remedies in the Wise Woman Tradition with community herbalist Sarah Crow, of Crow Medicine in Portland, Maine.  Alexandra has 20 years experience as an teaching artist with TRUCE /Harlem Children’s Zone, Urban Arts Partnership and Wingspan Arts, bringing the visual arts to New York City schools and community projects. While building Ginger Moon, she stays connected to her work with young people through part-time residencies at Manhattan Country School and the 92nd Streey Y’s Noar After School Program. Alexandra is a graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.”

 – Alexandra