Ginger Moon, Still Winning


Ginger Moon, a mother owned, worker owned cooperative, would like to thank all who voted and supported us as we competed in the FedEx 2014 Small Business Grant Contest.

While we did not win the monetary grant being awarded by FedEx, what we won was much bigger. We won knowledge, that we have a team of supporters that hold our work in high esteem and will back us when called upon. We won new clients and customers through all of your support in getting us new votes. And, we won perseverance, because we know that Ginger Moon is not only a mother owned business, it is a mother owned business that inspires many, and is making a cultural shift in how motherhood is regarded.

The process that we engaged in during the competition has provided us with open doors to new visions for our products and services.  So stay tuned, many Ginger Moon related things will be coming your way soon!

In Love, Motherhood and Food

Alexandra, Janvieve and Maricruz
Your Food Doulas

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