Ginger Moon Rises to the Top in Business Plan Competition



Ginger Moon, a mother-owned, worker cooperative has made it as a finalist in the Fedex Small Business Grant Competition 2014. Out of thousands of entries from across the country, one hundred small businesses were selected as finalists for a chance to win a total of $50,000 in prizes, including a grand prize of $25,000. Ginger Moon was the only worker cooperative in the competition and gathered over 2,000 votes from its community of supporters, allowing it to move on to the next round.


In 2011, Alexandra Lopez Reitzes, Janvieve Williams Comrie and Maricruz Badia opened Ginger Moon in order to provide much needed emotional, mental and culinary support to pregnant women, women that had just given birth and wo

men that are nursing.  Today their signature service, Food Doulas is all about mothering the mother, and providing her revitalizing and healing foods during pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.


“This is already turning out to be a great year for worker cooperatives. We’re thrilled that Ginger Moon is a finalist in this competition. When one cooperative succeeds, people get inspired, the effects are contagious, and the economy shifts.” Says Omar Freilla, Coordinator at Green Worker Cooperatives.


Ginger Moon went through Green Worker Cooperative renowned Coop-Academy in fall 2012.  The academy is an intensive boot camp for cooperative green businesses.  “Ginger Moon is a business that encourages our clients to eat local and organic whenever possible.  We are establishing relationships with local farms and producers.  Ginger Moon is good for all mothers, including mother earth”, says Maricruz Badia of Ginger Moon.


At the core of this mother-owned business is motherhood.  Between the worker owners there are six children ranging from 10 months to 11 years of age. “Ginger Moon is changing and challenging how work is done.  For example, we have created employment policies through consensus building principles, these policies are in turn good for each of us as owners, both individually and collectively”, says Alexandra Lopez Reitzes of Ginger Moon.


Ginger Moon has been self and crowd funded up until now.  The FedEx Small Business Grant award will allow them to expand services to reach more women by adding a delivery service, ,cooking workshops, and trainings.


Winners of the Fedex Small Business Grant competition will be announced on March 26th, 2014.  For more information about Ginger Moon, visit



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